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Mango Smoothie

Frozen MangoFall is in the air and I’m already missing all things tropical. (I am such a summer girl) So I just whip up one of these mango smoothies and pretend I’m sunbathing on some beach…

This smoothie is too easy and ridiculously delicious. Wanna try it? You will need just three ingredients:

  • One banana (frozen or room temp)
  • 1 1/2 cup frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup water

Throw all the ingredients in your blender.

Mango SmoothieMix it up.

Mango SmoothieEnjoy!


PS- My friend Tara said this tastes like a smoothie she buys at Smoothie King! What a compliment!

Nail Tips


Nail suppliesAlright, y’all know I like to DIY so of course I do my own nails, right? (Well 95% of the time. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to a REAL mani/pedi) Since I have been doing my own nails for the past twenty years, I have picked up a few good tips along the way from trial & error, friends, and yup, you guessed it- Pinterest.

Once your nails are clean from previous polish, cut and file your nails. I have found that polish doesn’t chip as quickly on a freshly cut nail.

Next, rub a vinegar soaked cotton ball over your nails. Pinterest says it will keep your polish on longer and I believe it. vinegar

Paint a thin coat of polish on, then LET IT DRY COMPLETELY before adding second coat. Proper drying is key to having smooth, smudge-free nails.

Also, I’m pretty biased about brands of polish. I have tried them all, from .99 cents to $9 and by far, the absolute best polish is OPI. (I’ve purchased a few on eBay for half the price!) Use a clear top coat once the color is completely dry.

OPI Heart Throb