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No Shampoo

first baking soda washI’ve been on a mission to ditch my shampoo over the last couple of months. Ew, gross, totally weird, right? Yeah.

It all started when a friend of mine shared this blog post with me. I learned a lot and was fascinated by the idea of washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, so I found another blog post that gave me even more information and an increased desire to try it out.

Both bloggers talk about the greasy effect it can have on your hair if you cut out shampoo cold turkey, so this is what I have done:

I have washed my hair twice a week over the past 6 weeks. One wash was with shampoo, and the other wash was with baking soda. After a baking soda wash, some days were good; I was super in love with my hair and totally bad mouthing shampoo. But then there were times when I wondered how I ever thought ditching shampoo was gonna work. The biggest problem I’ve had  is consistency. Why does my hair look awesome with the baking soda wash sometimes and waxy/greasy other days?

Well I’ve really been trying to work out the kinks so I could share what I learned and this is what I have come up with…

  1.  Get your baking soda to water ratio right with this bloggers recipe.
  2.  Comb AAAALLLLLLL the tangles out of your hair BEFORE you wash it. (Muy Importante.)
  3.  Rinse rinse rinse and rinse some more. And then rinse again because you probably still have baking soda up in there.
  4. Wash hair in a bath tub rather than shower to get the full force of the water pressure to push out the baking soda residue.

week 3 washI love the apple cider vinegar as conditioner, and I use it every time I wash my hair. There is absolutely no trace of vinegar smell once I rinse it out. My hair feels healthy and I’ve noticed that I shed less in the shower when I don’t use traditional shampoo & conditioner. Another bonus is that I can go longer in between washes, which is probably the main reason why I am trying to make this thing work!

Basically I’m still trying to figure it out and would love for you to tell me if you’ve tried this before. Give me your tips, tricks, and advice if you have any pleeeeeeease. I’m looking forward to it. :)

PS- Even if you are in love with your shampoo, just try this method at least once. The first time I washed with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, my hair felt AMAZING. It was like a deep cleanse for my hair. All the product buildup that I hadn’t even known existed prior was gone. Let me know what you think!


DIY Bag Dispenser

DIY Bag DispenserI am a bit OCD when it comes to keeping things clean, especially my car when we are on road trips. Which is why I LOVE my DIY bag dispenser! I just pull put a trash bag and load it up with whatever trash we have going on, and bam, there’s another bag waiting its turn in the dispenser. So start saving your plastic bags and a disinfecting wipes container and let’s get started.

Flatten out each bag like this with all the air pushed out of it.

Flatten out bag

Fold the bag in half.

Fold bag in half

Roll the handles up on the first bag like so. Then lay the handles of the second bag on the bottom of the first bag.

Add next bag

Now start rolling, as tight as you can. Add more bags as you go.

Roll it tight

Make your roll as fat as will fill in your recycled container. (My target brand container held 50 bags)

Put bags in dispenser

If you want to add some color to your container like I did, mod podge scrap book paper onto your dispenser. (I make my own mod podge- equal parts Elmer’s school glue and water. Works like a charm!)