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Enchanted Escapes-Best Vacation Rental!

My family rented this condo in Anaheim for my birthday. It was spacious, clean, in a safe neighborhood, and so close to Disney, restaurants and shopping. We could not have stayed in a nicer place.

We enjoyed our walk to Downtown Disney, My girls enjoyed riding in the double stroller that the condo owners provided. They also provide a single stroller!

We enjoyed our walk to Downtown Disney, My girls loved riding in the double stroller that the condo owners provided. They also provide a single stroller.

There were 8 adults and our two daughters under the age of five in our group, and there was plenty of space for all of us. (Oh and my teen-aged sister-in-law showed up for a couple nights and there was room for her too!) The condo is beautifully decorated, and has a touch of Disney decor without looking overdone, cheesy or outdated. You know what I’m talking about.

Beautiful master bedroom which had space for Roo and Moo's two twin blow up mattresses.

Beautiful master bedroom which had space for Roo and Moo’s two twin blow up mattresses.

Gorgeous second bedroom

Gorgeous second bedroom

Cute third bedroom which also had a dress up closet that my girls used daily.

Cute third bedroom which had a dress up closet that my girls used daily.

The best dress up closet in bedroom 3!

The best dress up closet in bedroom 3!

The bathrooms were fully stocked with toilet paper, towels, high quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The master bathroom was so beautiful, I took a picture of it so I could try to recreate it in our home.

Tiffany blue penny tiles and wood plank tiles. No grout to clean in the shower?!? Yes please!

Tiffany blue penny tile floor and wood plank tiles. No grout to clean in the shower?!? Yes please!

The kitchen was fully stocked with pots, pans, a crock pot, even sugar and spices. My mother has to have her coffee in the morning and she was pleasantly surprised to find ground coffee, cream, and a coffee maker ready to greet her in the morning. There were plenty of containers to store our leftovers in the fridge, as well as aluminum foil and Saran wrap. Everything was easily accessible and made it easy to eat in for most meals instead of eating out three times a day. The owners even left us some snacks!

How cute is this yummy ensemble they put together for us?!?

How cute is this yummy ensemble they put together for us?!?

We were relieved to have the convenience of dish detergent and laundry detergent provided. The light switches were even labeled to make life easier. The owners, Andy and Jennifer, have LITERALLY thought of everything you need for a nice vacation rental!

When I initially set up my reservation for the condo, I let them know we were traveling with our young daughters and that we were celebrating my birthday. What a thoughtful surprise when we arrived the first day- a “Happy Birthday” banner hung in the kitchen, and a small present for each of my girls. The thought and care that this couple have put into our stay is heartwarming and sincere. If you stay here, you will not regret it!

Puzzles for Roo and Moo. How did they know my girls would love this?

Puzzles for Roo and Moo. How did they know my girls would love these?

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!

I asked my family to describe Enchanted Escapes in one word and with grins on their faces, their answers were, “Sensational!” “Pretty!” “Big!” “Awesome!”
On our last night, Roo asked, “Can we stay here a little longer?” to which Moo responded, “Can we stay here forever?”

The frozen sisters, of course.

The frozen sisters, of course.

I can not say enough good about Enchanted Escapes and look forward to visiting again next year.

Check out their website to see all eight of their beautifully decorated condos.



The Price is Right!!!

Drew CareyFor as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of The Price is Right. When I stayed home from school as a child due to illness, I would always look forward to watching the show. Several years later when I became a stay at home mom, my baby conveniently needed to nurse during the time of the show, so the two of us would snuggle up on the couch and watch. My daughters aren’t babies anymore (nor do they nurse), but they still watch with me and they love it almost as much as I do. The games are fun, the prizes are exciting, and Drew Carey and the announcer, George Gray are HILARIOUS. Watching TPIR is always a highlight to our morning.

Two months before my birthday, I went on The Price is Right’s website on a whim, and noticed I could get priority tickets for a taping of the show, the day before my birthday. What a great way to celebrate turning 28! (By the way, tickets are always free. Why didn’t I do this sooner?!?!) I spread the word to friends and family and before long, I had my parents, my husbands grandmother and uncle on board to go, as well as another couple that wanted to meet us there.


While January is typically a somewhat depressing month with Christmas being over and the cold lingering, sometimes even crazy ice storms that have ruined several of my birthdays in the past, this year was different. No crazy ice storms for us Georgians and I had The Price is Right to look forward to! So here’s a rundown of how the process works when you go be on the show.

waiting in line

They tape two shows a day at the CBS studio in Hollywood. The arrival time printed on our ticket was 8:30am, although in the fine print they suggest getting there a little earlier. We arrived at about 7am and stood in line outside of the gate. We were each given a number and we had to stay in numerical order for the next several hours. I was number 72 out of 300!

Number 72!

At 8am, the security guards opened the gate and we were let into the lot. There was a covered seating area outside of the studio where we had to sit in order and fill out paperwork stating that we don’t know anyone that works for CBS, and that we haven’t been a contestant in the last ten years. Pens are limited so bring your own!

While the paperwork is being filled out, Charlotte will come around and ask for your ID (you will be turned away if you do not have proper ID with you!) and she will write your first given name in all caps on the most beautiful name tag you have ever worn. I totally saved mine in my journal! (This process takes over an hour. You will have easy access to the restroom as well as the CBS gift shop to buy T-shirts, buttons, stickers, key chains, etc.)

Charlotte writes the name tags

my perfect name tag

Next, you will get your photo taken individually, as well as with your group in front of a green screen. Afterwards, you will be ushered to another covered area with bench seating where you will wait about an hour or more while everyone completes their paper work, name tags and photos. You will still have access to the restroom, but you must return to your seat on the bench in your numerical order. If you brought snacks, and I hope you did, you will be ready to bust those out. (Bring plenty of snacks, sandwiches and water. You’re gonna need it!) Also during this time, employees will approach your group with iPad in hand, ready to show you your individual and group photos recently taken. They are $20 each, and are a 6×8 I believe, which comes in a TPIR folder. If you purchase the photo, you can immediately post the photo to your social media while using their iPad.

Group shot!

Finally, it’s time for your interview. Make it count people, this is your chance to impress the producer to get called on stage. You will be lined up with a group of 20-25 people for your interview. The producer will start with the first person in line and ask what they do for a living. He will probably make a joke about it and then move on to the next person. “You’re a butcher? Show me your fingers. Ok they are all there folks!” Your time is very limited to be noticed, so sell yourself. Be funny! 

Once your group has been interviewed, you will be herded to the backside of the building, which has more covered seating, where you will turn in your cell phone to security and receive a blue ticket for pickup. Don’t lose it! Get comfortable on your bench, make friends with those around you, and enjoy watching an episode of the show as well as bloopers on the giant hanging TVs. A cute waitress will come out to give you instructions about how to purchase food for lunch. If you haven’t eaten since breakfast, you will be starving at this point. The food is cash only as well as expensive. A personal pizza or personal nachos cost $10 each. My dad bought a coke and small bag of Doritos which cost him $8. You are allowed to bring your own food and beverage which I strongly suggest you do. 

After about an hour and a half to two hours in that waiting area, you will finally be ushered in to the STUDIO!!! I can not tell you how excited I was for this. The ushers will seat your group together in the row that they choose, and you must put your bag and any food you have left under your seat and clear from the aisle. There will be loud music playing to get you pumped up and ready for the best game of your life.

Once everyone is seated, George Gray will come out and explain a few rules about standing, sitting, and about no jumping on Drew. That seriously drives me crazy when people run up on stage and tackle the poor guy. He had to get neck surgery recently so give him a break! Anywho, just keep a smile on your face, clap, cheer, and enjoy the comedy act that plays out on stage between Drew and George. It’s time for THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!

Tune in to watch us on April 2, 2015 on CBS at 11am EST!


Items to bring on the show:

  • printed ticket
  • ID
  • pen
  • food
  • bottled water
  • cash