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Baby Sign Language

It seems like ever since I saw the movie “Meet the Fockers”, baby sign language has been a hit. I knew that when I had my own children, I would have them signing too.

Before I became I stay-at-home-mom, (SAHM) I was a sign language interpreter for the public school system. I got my degree in interpreting, and went through the state to receive certification. It was fun while it lasted, but once I had our first child, I had a new passion.

baby Roo

For the first year of Roo’s life, I worked on average one day a week in an effort to keep up my signing skills and bring in extra money. But right after her first birthday, I got pregnant with Moo and we moved far from my old job, so I became a full time SAHM. It has been a huge blessing to our family and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do what I do.

Anywho, back to the sign language! I started signing to my girls the day they were born and they both know several signs. There are many reasons why I do it, so I will name a few…

-Baby sign language reduces the child’s tendency to have outbursts/tantrums because they can tell you what they want

-Baby sign language encourages communication

-Baby sign language encourages coordination

-Baby sign language helps their speaking vocabulary later in life

(Children with Down syndrome or other disabilities can also benefit from signing if their speech is delayed)

Whether your baby is a newborn or a year old, it’s never too late to teach them signs. It can be a lot of fun for both of you and it provides a bonding experience for you and your child. Not to mention, it is super cute when your child uses their little hands to sign! Roo was just six months old when she signed “milk”. Precious, precious, precious.

baby Roo

There is a plethora of information on the web about baby signs and I am here too if you want more information about how to get started. Remember to use repetition, and eventually, baby will catch on. For example, at every meal or snack time, do the sign for “eat” and say the word aloud multiple times so baby can make the correlation.

When Roo was a baby, she LOVED the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? It was a great book to use signs with because of all the repetition. Take a look at the video below and you will see what I mean. Also, at the end of the story I review a few of the signs for clarification purposes. (Please don’t judge me for my animal voices. Just making it more enjoyable for my girl.)

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