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Chicken Pot Pie

4 chicken breasts

1 can cream of something soup (mushroom, chicken, etc.)

1 can of chicken broth

1 can or bag of vegetables (I like a frozen mixed bag of carrots, corn, peas)

1  1/2 sticks of butter

1  1/2 cup of buttermilk

1  1/2 cup of self rising flour

pepper to taste


-Boil your chicken breasts in a pot of water. When cooked all the way through, shred chicken into bottom of a 9×13 pan. Sprinkle pepper over chicken.

-In a small bowl, pour in the can of soup, and then fill up that can with your leftover chicken broth, and stir those two together. Then pour over the chicken. Next, pour the veggies over the top.

-In a medium sized bowl, melt butter, then mix with flour & butter. Pour the topping on the chicken & veggies.

-Bake one hour at 350 degrees.