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Cinderella Birthday Party

Roo recently turned four and requested a Cinderella  birthday party. Thanks to Pinterest, input from friends, and this previous party we attended, there were plenty of ideas to help me plan. I had so much fun with this. Too much fun. I can’t wait to do it again! Although who knows what theme she will come up with a year from now.

We were so busy with the activities, I forgot to play the game I planned to do. I had hid a “glass slipper” and whoever won was going to get a little broom and dustpan as a prize. Get it? Well besides missing out on the game, I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures at the party, but here is a rundown of what I did and Pinterest links I used.

I hired two sweet sisters to paint nails and style hair at the party. I wanted them to look official so my friend and I decorated these aprons for them to wear while they were workin’ hard for the money. (Aprons $3 each at Hobby Lobby after coupon, and decorated with a silver sharpie I already had)

DIY Aprons

Another friend of mine got me the hookup with this ream of metallic paper, which I used as a “runway” for the girls to do a catwalk after their mini makeover.

Metallic Runway

When the girls were waiting their turn for hair and nails, they got to decorate these foam crowns with stickers that I purchased at dollar tree. ($3 for 24 crowns and 200 stickers)

Crown Craft

We had an iPad app called Pocketbooth we had downloaded a couple of years ago for our friends wedding reception. My smart hubby built this stand to put the iPad on which protected the screen and had a hole just big enough to touch the part of the screen necessary for working the app. I decided to make use of the app and the stand for the party and I’m glad I did. The pictures were really cute. (Pocketbooth app $0.99 on iTunes.)

iPad stand

I made these photo booth props using cardstock paper, hot glue and skewers.

Pocketbooth Pocketbooth2

I ordered crowns and wands from Oriental Trading Company for each girl. And I have plenty leftover if you need to satisfy some royal fetish. ($10 for 12 crowns. $4 for 24 wands)

Crowns & Wands

I found ring pops at dollar tree and was too lazy to see if I could get a better deal somewhere else. I hadn’t seen ring pops in years, I’m glad they still make them! ($1 for 4 ring pops)


I made these mice because they reminded me of Cinderella’s little helpers.


I used my aunts recipe for this cheese ball which I added crackers to to make it look like a carriage.

Cheese Ball Carriage

I used my Pampered Chef Batter Bowl to made the base of the cake, and my sweet friend helped me do everything else for it. (Stuff Cinderella in, figure out plan b for her legs, make homemade icing, decorate her skirt, etc.)

Cinderella Cake

The other food I served which was not Cinderella related but still delicious, was my favorite fruit salad, veggie chips, cinnamon & sugar pita chips, ranch and veggies.

So that’s how we did our Cinderella birthday party! It was an awesome day with sweet friends and family.


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