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DIY Bag Dispenser

DIY Bag DispenserI am a bit OCD when it comes to keeping things clean, especially my car when we are on road trips. Which is why I LOVE my DIY bag dispenser! I just pull put a trash bag and load it up with whatever trash we have going on, and bam, there’s another bag waiting its turn in the dispenser. So start saving your plastic bags and a disinfecting wipes container and let’s get started.

Flatten out each bag like this with all the air pushed out of it.

Flatten out bag

Fold the bag in half.

Fold bag in half

Roll the handles up on the first bag like so. Then lay the handles of the second bag on the bottom of the first bag.

Add next bag

Now start rolling, as tight as you can. Add more bags as you go.

Roll it tight

Make your roll as fat as will fill in your recycled container. (My target brand container held 50 bags)

Put bags in dispenser

If you want to add some color to your container like I did, mod podge scrap book paper onto your dispenser. (I make my own mod podge- equal parts Elmer’s school glue and water. Works like a charm!)


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