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DIY T-Shirt Quilt

Jesse's quiltA couple years ago, my friend Tanya showed me her awesome t-shirt quilt her momma helped her make when she was a teenager. I was jealous and in love with it! I told her how my husband had a TON of t-shirts, some of which had stains and holes, and basically shouldn’t be worn anymore. I have always loved the idea of a t-shirt quilt but I didn’t believe I had the skills to make one. Tanya was certain I could, and with her patience, time, and much appreciated help, we made a huge quilt for Jesse which was the biggest surprise. (He had no idea where all his tees where disappearing to.)

Well, I have been snuggling up to his blanket long enough and it’s time to make my own t-shirt quilt!

I gathered as many tees as I could, and I even raided my daughters clothes to get a couple of my favorite pieces. Each t-shirt was cut into a 15×15 inch square, and the four center smaller tees were sewn to make a 15×15 inch square as well.15x15 squares15x15

I spent one rainy afternoon sewing the shirts together, then laid it all out on the blanket I bought. I snapped a quick picture and sent it to my sister, the math wiz.sewn t's

I needed to know how much of a fabric border I should use and I am just CLUELESS when it comes to math problems. So after explaining what I wanted to my sister, she texted me back with this little diagram. I could have squeezed her!sisters skills

The next day it was still rainy, and I was still sick, (oh yeah, had the flu for the second time this year) which gave me a great opportunity to sew fabric to three of the four sides of my tees. I loved to see it coming all together!coming together

After I finished the border, I sewed the blanket to it. Finally, I was ready for the last step, which has to be done by hand. I used a giant needle and yarn to poke through the tees and blanket, then I knotted and cut the yarn to hold it in place. Voila!My t-shirt quilt!

*I bought three yards of fabric at Hobby Lobby to do the border and have tons left over. Oops! The blanket was $20 at Aldi, and it is a full/queen size, just to give you an idea of what I was workin; with.

I know several amazing quilters that could have done way better than me, but I’m pretty happy with it!


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