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Easy Fruit Salad

Airport Reunion DEC 2012

Here I am with two great girls, and dear friends of mine, Tracy and Val. Back when we all lived within five minutes of each other, we had weekly play dates. We would get the kids together and have so much fun, that before we knew it, it was lunch time! Which is why we implemented the weekly POTLUCK play date.

One hot summer day, (I have no recollection of what I contributed) Val offered to bring a fruit salad and it CHANGED MY LIFE! This is by far the best fruit salad recipe I have ever had, and you are gonna love it too. (Oh and it is one of my favorite things- EASY!)

I think one reason I was so pleasantly surprised was because I was expecting a fruit cocktail.  You know, the kind you buy in a can for a buck that has those gross cherries in it? Ok that does not even compare to what I am about to share with you. And it’s just in time for your summer cookouts, parties, camping, potlucks, and everything in between. The ingredients are as follows:

easy fruit salad

Chopped fruit (berries, apples, pears, and bananas work best)
Ground cinnamon
Slivered almonds




Just mix everything in your bowl and add as much or little of each item as you like. It is a hit every time. Your friends will be asking for your easy fruit salad recipe.

easy fruit salad

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