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Fun Christmas Crafts

One day while perusing Pinterest, I found several fun Christmas crafts that were on my level of craftiness. (Beginner) First up, this adorable felt Christmas tree. I checked out the link and it took me to a great blog called Apartment Therapy. Cute name, right? While I don’t live in an apartment, I still enjoyed the idea of having a small tree for the kids. This felt tree covered all my bases- small, not in the way, fun, and extremely easy and fast to make with my novice skills.

First, I cut the green felt by folding it in half to make a symmetrical triangle. You only need to buy a half a yard or less. This cost about $2 at my local Hobby Lobby.

Next, I pulled out this package of felt I purchased at the Dollar Tree many moons ago.

I knew it would come in handy one day! If you have any felt scraps lying around, that will do. Just cut them into squares or rectangles to make presents.

And circles or this strange shape that I don’t know the name of to make ornaments.

You can cut little strips to decorate the presents and ornaments if you would like, and hit it with a hot glue gun. No gun? No problem! Keep it simple without the add-ons. That way you can avoid the hot glue strings as you can see in my picture. (Although I heard that a blow dryer can make those strings disappear.)


Finally, I put masking tape on the back


And voila!


My girls love it.

The next Christmas craft I did was made from these four boxes I purchased at the Dollar Tree over the weekend.

If I have not expressed my deep love for the dollar tree enough, let me say it again. I LOVE THAT PLACE. Everything really is just a dollar!

I wanted to put a letter on each box to spell out NOEL, so I fired up the Silhouette machine, chose the ELEPHANT font, and bumped up the size to 288pt.

Bada-boom, bada-bing.

Last but not least, the most time consuming (but still easy) project, was more felt Christmas trees. This time for mommy, not the little girls. I also found this tutorial on Pinterest and decided to make my own.

Dollar Tree had the foam cones, Hobby Lobby had the felt and straight pins, and I started cutting those circles to pin to the cone.

Probably about 60 circles per cone…???…And let me tell you, those circles don’t have to be pretty.

I cut mine 8 layers thick so some of them had jagged edges, or were oval shape but this craft is VERY forgiving and it turned out great! (The circles were about the size of the bottom of a coke can.) 

I used one of the scraps to cover the top of the cone like so.

Next, fold circles in half, then half again, and pin to cone starting at the top.

I skipped out on the glitter spray paint and mounting them on candle sticks. If I get bored with these then I will add the bling to dress them up.

Do you have any more fun & easy Christmas projects for me? I would love to hear about them!


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  • Laura Johnson November 27, 2012, 10:24 pm

    All very cute! Foam cones at the dollar store?! That is a great find! Those things are pricey! I bought three last Christmas at Joann’s…..ouch!

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