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How to clean combs

I have recently noticed that my combs needed to be cleaned. They get pretty gross with the hair product buildup that gets stuck on them, as well as dandruff and whatever else finds its way onto the teeth. Gross, right? Well don’t worry, I figured out how to clean combs and I’m here to tell you how.

First I rounded up all five of the combs from our bathrooms5 Dirty Combs

and some baking soda from the pantryALDI $0.49

I plugged up the sink, and poured in some baking soda. How much does that look like? About 2 Tablespoons? I never measure…Plug the sink!

Turn on the warm water and let it agitate the baking soda so it can dissolve.Warm Water

Throw in those bad boys and let ’em soak!Soak combs one hour

An hour later, THIS is what I found. Yuck!The yuck comes right off!

My fine-toothed combs needed some extra help, so I gently scrubbed them with this small toothbrush (that I use for cleaning, not my kids’ teeth!)My cleaning brush

Before long, all five combs were gleaming and clean again. Easy as that!Clean as can be

I also use my trusty baking soda to clean my toilet bowls. Just pour in a little bit and let it soak for thirty minutes or so and the buildup will scrub right off! Do you have any cleaning tips for me? Please share below!

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