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Monthly Meal Plan 4

April 2013 Meal PlanY’all looking for more recipes yet? Well I have been working on this post & even got some help from my friend Tiffany for this monthly meal plan.

Lately I have been focusing more on having veggies cooked into the main dish so that 1) the veggies are unnoticed 2) I have less dishes/sides to prepare. So you will see LOTS of broccoli & spinach recipes this month. Also, as usual, I am using my crock pot a ton. I just love the thing. So much so that it actually has a fine crack in the bottom of it. I guess I should ask for a new one soon, perhaps for Mother’s Day. (Hint, hint Jesse)

Lemon Chicken & Spinach Pasta

Crock Pot Potato & Broccoli Soup

Janna’s Chili & Rice

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

Ground Beef, Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos

Tortellini & Spinach Soup

Cornmeal Crusted Tilapia

Simply Great Chicken

Baked Potatoes (topped with salt, pepper, butter, sour cream, or ranch, bacon and chives)

Taco Salad

One Pot Pasta with Broccoli


Pizza (frozen, or make your own)

Easy Honey Mustard Mozzerella Chicken

Stir Fry

Quesedillas (bell peppers, onions, turkey pepperoni, or chicken) I’m looking forward to trying this recipe.

Inside Out Manicotti

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa

Chicken Taco Chili

Spinach Salad

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