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Nail Tips

Nail suppliesAlright, y’all know I like to DIY so of course I do my own nails, right? (Well 95% of the time. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to a REAL mani/pedi) Since I have been doing my own nails for the past twenty years, I have picked up a few good tips along the way from trial & error, friends, and yup, you guessed it- Pinterest.

Once your nails are clean from previous polish, cut and file your nails. I have found that polish doesn’t chip as quickly on a freshly cut nail.

Next, rub a vinegar soaked cotton ball over your nails. Pinterest says it will keep your polish on longer and I believe it. vinegar

Paint a thin coat of polish on, then LET IT DRY COMPLETELY before adding second coat. Proper drying is key to having smooth, smudge-free nails.

Also, I’m pretty biased about brands of polish. I have tried them all, from .99 cents to $9 and by far, the absolute best polish is OPI. (I’ve purchased a few on eBay for half the price!) Use a clear top coat once the color is completely dry.

OPI Heart Throb

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