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Packing List

I love lists. I love being organized and when it comes to traveling, there must be a packing list involved, if not several.

We love to travel, especially during the summer. We have a pop-up camper that we enjoy taking to the beach and to the lake. (If we aren’t going to be by the water, I have zero interest in glamping. Glamorous camping. Don’t judge me.) We also enjoy flying out west to visit family and friends.photo (95)

So when we are preparing for our rendezvous I use the following lists as references. I have an overnight list for myself that also works for my husband, and a list for my girls. If we are going to be glamping, I have a list of items that will be needed for the camper. There is also a list for beach items, and a plane/car ride list.Roo catching some Z's in the car

All you have to do is click on the link below for a printable version of my packing list. I hope these will help you feel more prepared for your upcoming adventures. If you notice that I may be forgetting something, or have some travel tips to share, please leave a comment below. I love your feedback!

PS- On the plane/car ride list, I mention Behavior Clips which you can find out more about here. Basically each person in the car gets a clip with their name on it and as long as they are making good choices and being sweet, their clip stays on the visor. Bad choices mean their clip comes down. Those who have their clip on the visor get a treat at the next stop!

Overnight List

Baby and Toddler Overnight List

Plane or Road Trip List

Beach and Lake List

Camper List

Cheap toys from yard sale

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