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How to Copy DVDs

I recently found out how difficult it can be to know how to copy DVDs on my computer. After buying our “new to us” 2007 Suburban; we wanted to make a small collection of the DVD’s we already own to leave in the car all the time. So Janna put it on my “to do list” and I started working on it right away. : ) I went to Wal-Mart and bought a 50 pack of DVD-R’s and came home ready to start the burning process.

I thought going into this project that I could do it all from windows media player… I was wrong. So apparently the entertainment industry has been working vigorously to keep people from making copies of their content; even if it is legal. So, with all that against me I tried several trial programs that I downloaded from cnet.com. Most of the programs didn’t work or were too complicated to even attempt using. After giving myself a few days to cool off and figure things out; I found a program that finally worked! It’s called Aimersoft DVD Copy; I ended up buying it. It cost about 30 bucks but was totally worth it. So many other programs claim to make exact copies but won’t copy protected content; most DVD’s are protected.


Here’s some screenshots of how this process works…


1.   Find a DVD you own and you’d like to make a copy of. I chose Donald Duck for this example. (The DVD copies are going in the car and are mainly for my daughter on long car trips.)



2.   This is what the screen looks like when you open the program.



3.   Put in the DVD you’d like to copy; the source box will auto populate. Then select your Target; this is the file where the movie will go until you copy it to a DVD-R later. I like to put it where I can easily find it; on the Desktop. I created a Folder and called it “Donald Duck”.



4.   Selecting the right output type is important because unless you have a DVD-R that can hold 8.5 GB of video you need to select the 4.7 GB. I wasted quite a bit of time copying a DVD just to find out I could not put the movie on the DVD-R because it was too large.



5.   Hit the Start Button and your off! This will take several minutes.



6.   Wait until this box shows up. You don’t need this box so you can close it.



9.   Make sure you get this screen prior to proceeding.



8.   Now change the “source” to the file where the DVD was downloaded to. Then change the “target” to your DVD drive.  Also at this point you will need to insert the DVD-R.



9.   Then press start; the DVD-R will be written. This will also take a few minutes.



10.   Once you get this screen you’re done burning the DVD.



11.  Then find someone with good handwriting and have them label the DVD. Janna is my DVD labeler; she does a great job!



Now you can enjoy the DVD wherever you want. Perfect!


Janna and I are trying to get all the Disney movies we grew up with for our daughter to watch. My wife loves the Little Mermaid; I was surprised to find out that these movies are quite expensive even if bought used. Because these movies are so expensive it’s not a bad idea to have additional copies just in case one gets scratched or destroyed.