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Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones from Pornography

There is no getting around the fact that pornography is rampant in today’s society. At some point you are bound to see it, read it, or even hear it. Protecting yourself and loved ones from pornography needs to be a high priority. I believe the best way to protect me and my family is through filtering. At the Frei home there is a filter on anything that can get on the internet this includes laptops, desktops and phones.

I use K9 web protection services on everything, setup is easy and free. One problem with web filtering software that I always disliked was the ability to bypass the filter by using a different browser. K9 has fixed this; you cannot work around the system by using a different browser. (The one exception to this would be with the phone browser which I will address a little later.) You cannot uninstall k9 either without the password.

The password should be held by someone with that is physically present often, in case you need to make some adjustments. I asked that my wife be the possessor of the almighty password. I tend to think that by just being a guy you are at risk of getting entrapped by pornography; so guys, make your wife the designated internet key holder. There are numberless features that k9 offers to control internet usage on your computers at home.

Here are some of them…

  • Forced safe search
  • Compatibility with various anti-virus applications
  • The ability to block web access during certain times of the day or night
  • A detailed log of in depth information on the habits of all internet users. (that can’t be deleted for the history)
  • You can also allow a website for only a specified amount of time on an as needed basis.

I have an iPhone 4, I love it! I am also aware of the glaring danger that it can present to kids or adults that don’t want to be exposed to pornography. The solution is fairly straight forward, here is how you can filter your device (apple).

  1. First Download the K9 Browser app from the App store.
  2. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions. Tap Enable Restrictions
  3. Find someone else to type in a 4 digit pass code (make sure they can remember it too)
  4. Now you will need to disable Safari (Youtube is not a bad idea either)
  5. Also restrict Apps, in particular 17+ apps; this prevents someone from bypassing the filter by downloading another browser, all browsers fall into the 17+ category.
  6. Now you can take that k9 web browser icon and slide it down where the Safari icon used to live.
  7. You’re done!

 One thing I wish would get fixed is that if you are in an e-mail and click a hyperlink, k9 will not automatically open. Instead you have to press and hold until the copy button comes up, then you paste the web address into k9.


I believe that pornography is a real danger to our souls. It can derail what was once good relationships, and hurts loved ones. I can see nothing good about it. So if you are struggling with such a thing you need to ask for help from your spouse, religious leader, or a close friend. Even with all these awesome tools to protect ourselves and our family it needs to be understood that a person must exercise some level of self control because there will be opportunities in each of our lives where we are faced with a choice.

My hope is that with filtering we are able to practice the right choice enough so that when unfiltered opportunities are put in our path it will be second nature to not even think about it. It is my belief that our souls need to be fed good wholesome things to produce a good and wholesome life. My church, beliefs and communicating with God is a major part of feeding my own soul. I believe that we are here to live, joy filled lives and I cannot understand how someone can do that, with the harmful effects of pornography constantly weighing them down.

Here’s a video from our church on this particular topic.


What do you do to protect your family from stuff like this?


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  • Jesse September 19, 2012, 2:41 pm

    I received this message from a friend who wanted to remain anonymous, I thought she had some good things to say on the subject.

    “Jesse, I saw your blog on pornography and how to take preventative measures against getting involved in that. I didnt want to write a public message, but i just wanted to say thats such an important yet difficult topic to discuss. I applaud you and want to thank you for speaking on that topic publicly- i think too many people would feel ashamed to discuss it. I think its also important to remember, that although men seem to be the targeted audience in most pornography, women also can be tempted by it. Just as you mentioned- pornography is damaging to the individual and family, but I would say that it is also damaging and confusing to our views on intimacy and women and the values that we have of women. I see this in the media in general, where women are protrayed as having to look a certain way, or having to act a certain way or products are advertised by women’s “sexuality” which most of the time is devaluing of a whole person..i think pornography communicates those same things, but to the extreme, so that the viewer, woman or man is soaking up the idea that a woman’s value is purely as a sexual object and that she must act in a certain way.”

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