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Redneck Caviar Recipe

Do y’all just love salsa? Are you ready to kick it up a notch? I’m talking about Redneck Caviar. This stuff is ADDICTING! I tried it at my mom’s restaurant, and I knew I needed the recipe. So I scouted out pinterest and then ended up making my own version. So here goes!

First, I rinsed and drained one can each of black beans, black eyed peas, and corn.

Black eyed peas, black beans & corn

Next, you will need the juice from 1-2 limes. I ran out so I used the bottled stuff. Still yummy!

lime juice

Then cut up as many green onions as you want. I keep mine chopped in the freezer, so I just opened the bag and poured ’em in.

green onions

Cilantro time. Chop up as much as you want.


Now get your maters, take the skin off, and chop them up. I used three.


Then pour in a packet of the dry Italian salad dressing mix. (It comes in a box on the salad dressing aisle, or you can make your own.)

Italian dressing

A dash of virgin olive oil

olive oil

A dash of vinegar


1/3 Cup of water


Oh and a bell pepper if you’d like!

bell pepper

Now just stir it up, or put a lid on it and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Eat it on tacos, nachos, salad or your favorite tortilla chips. I love to buy the big bag of “On the Border” chips from Sam’s club. They are the best in my opinion. Let me know what you fancy!

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