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Using my New Sprayer with Weed and Grass Killer

So I recently purchased a sprayer from the local Tractor Supply store. I’ve wanted to get one for a while now so that I could save money on bug spray by buying a more concentrated mix. I’ve since found that using my new sprayer with weed and grass killer has proved valuable as well.

A few months ago we purchased a pop up trailer. Once we got it to our place we had to make a place to store it. So Janna and I rolled up our sleeves and started digging; we dug up all the grass in an area right up against the back of our home.

Then we called Mulch and More Landscape supply, we had them deliver 1 1/2 yards of crushed rock it cost about $65 delivered; they’re great. After smoothing everything out, we parked the trailer on it and forgot about it.

Fast forward three months this is what it looks like…

I started to try and pull these weeds but found myself just getting the tops of the weeds without the roots. So that’s when I made a trip back to the Tractor Supply store and purchased Roundup Weed and Grass Killer.

I started with mixing one gallon; turns out that did a good job at covering the entire area I needed sprayed. The bottle of roundup says that you will see results after 12hrs. Well here’s what it looked like after 12hrs…

It’s hard to tell the difference between the picture taken earlier so I took one closer up to show that it does actually produce results in 12 hrs. Once the weeds and grass are completely dead I’ll just pull them up and dispose of them.


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