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What happened to Negotiating?

I have had a hard time over the past few years with politics. I am going to try to not get political here but I will disclose that I tend to lean conservative but am always open to great ideas.

My problem with politics is this; what happened to negotiating? I thought the reason for checks and balances was to make sure we come up with solutions that are essentially a win for both sides. (and no one party ends or group ends up with all the power) I realize both sides have their own agendas and don’t want to be seen supporting something controversial but for goodness sake we still need to get something done.

The stalemates in congress recently really get under my skin; I wish politicians would understand that they are there to negotiate for the best outcome for their constituents. This does not mean, don’t vote for anything unless it’s 100% what you want. I think we all understand in life we have to negotiate and that sometimes means we won’t get everything we’re asking for.

 The polarization between the two major parties in America is really hurting our full potential. I don’t think the media helps with this either because they vilify anyone that may change their mind or make a concession to get something done.

We also are part to blame by holding politicians to an impossible standard of always winning 100% of the time on every battlefront. I feel this is a non-partisan subject because I really think both sides share equal blame for this.

My plea to any and all politicians and Americans for that matter is don’t be afraid to negotiate and make a winning plan for both sides.

What do you think?


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  • John Simonson August 15, 2012, 11:03 pm

    The Checks and Balances were to ensure that no single branch of the Federal Govt became too powerful, eg. President becoming a Dictator who both wrote laws and enforced them. Unfortunately, politicians have been doing everything they can to blur the lines and destroy the checks and balances. And the reason why there are so many stalemates right now is because both parties have a goal or vision for America that is entirely incompatible with the other side, and see any middle ground as far to slippery to fall to the other side. Liberals see any concession to Conservative ideals as wrong or evil that is to be avoided with the same passion that the Church regards pornography or same sex marriage to be avoided (and Conservatives feel the same way with regards to Liberal ideals. I say this as a moderate or independent who has leanings on both sides but more so conservative than liberal.)

    Both sides feel it is better to stalemate than to give the other party ground to fight over. There is a story about a camel who wants to escape a desert storm by going into it’s owners tent and eventually the owner, because he conceded just a tiny bit, was kicked out. Both sides are afraid of this happening to them. I hope this makes sense.

    • Jesse August 20, 2012, 12:55 am

      I totally understand John, however I still think there is room for negotiating on things other than moral issues. I wish they would get rid of earmarks and institute term limits I think that would be a game changer in Washington.

  • Dave ferguson August 24, 2012, 1:38 pm

    Sometimes when negotiating you have to negotiate hard and sometimes you have to walk away to even get a compromise. In order to get the best deal you have to be willing to walk away.

    • Jesse August 24, 2012, 1:46 pm

      So true, I wish I was better at being willing to walk away sometimes. I’ve heard negotiating is an art form of sorts. I guess your creating something as a result of it so it kinda makes sense.

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