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What is Ebates?

EbatesMaybe you overheard some strangers conversation about how they saved money using ebates; then you asked yourself “what is ebates?” In case you were not able to ask this stranger about ebates; here is my modest explanation of what they are and how to best use Ebates.com

What is Ebates?

Ebates.com is a place where you can click through to other online retailers and receive cash back on purchases you make there. It’s ingenious really, essentially you are reaping the rewards of an online retailers advertising budget; all because ebates.com sent you their way instead of a costly tv ad or some other form of advertising.

***Special note: Ebates.com uses internet cookies to identify purchases you make so be sure and have them enabled at least when you are shopping.


My Experience using Ebates

I have used ebates.com since 2012 and have so far saved $54.74. I know that may not sound like a bunch of money but every penny adds up at the end of the day. Plus I was already going to buy these things anyways so it just adds to my bottom line.

Read this slowly, it’s a mouthful

One thing I like to do is use ebates.com and click through to raise.com where I buy a Home Depot gift card for 9% off, plus I get 1% cash back through ebates.com. Then I go back to ebates.com and click through to Home Depot’s website and do my shopping and recieve another 3% cashback from ebates on my purchase from home depot. I know that’s a little crazy but it’s kinda fun knowing you can save an additional 13% off anything at home depot. This works especially well on large pricey items.

You can Sign Up Here using my link (Affiliate- Thank you very much)

The Bottom Line

Here’s the thing, we all shop online these days and it never hurts just to get in the habit of checking ebates before you actually buy something. So as far as answering the “what is ebates?” question I really hope I met your expectation. If you still have any questions please drop us a line either in the comments below or jesse or janna@livefrei.com

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