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What to Buy for My Husband

Did you know that only 10 percent of gifts given by women are returned? Compare that to the 16 percent for gifts given by guys. So when you ask yourself “what to buy for my husband” you may not want advice from a guy coincidentally. Paying attention to his interests and being practical are two important factors in helping you find that perfect gift for your husband.

Knowing your husbands interests and hobbies is key to getting him a good gift. If your husband has hobbies, ask him to explain things he is doing, often you will find little things about his hobby that you can build off of. Magazines are also a good reference to find things your husband is interested in, for example; if your husband likes an outdoor magazine about knives, maybe he needs a knife sharpener?

Things he salivates over at the store are also good things to take note of, when you pay attention to these details shopping for your husband will be much easier.

Value should not be measured by the cost of the gift.

You really want the gift to show that you have put a lot of thought into it. Some of the best gifts are very practical, if you want to buy a practical gift you may want to get something nicer than what he is used to. You could also base your gift buying on things he has to do; does he have to work outdoors? Could he benefit from some thick gloves or sturdy rain gear?

The fact that you are reading this says that you are headed in the right direction. Next time you ask yourself, “what to buy for my husband?” Don’t get discouraged, with a little planning it can be easy. Remember, keep your husband’s interests in mind when you go shopping for him and he will value and even treasure what you get for him.




Below are some gift ideas that we personally recommend either through experience or advice. If there is something you feel should be added to these lists leave a comment about the item and we will get it added asap. We hope you find what you are looking for.


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