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What to Buy for My Wife

Every year there are multiple occasions that require gift giving, and you may wonder, “Decisions, decisions, what to buy for my wife?” You may give something classic like a massage gift certificate (which is totally awesome, who doesn’t love that?!?) but you may need a new idea to change things up. Or maybe your wife is too ticklish and decided she doesn’t want the torture of a massage ever again. (That would be a shame…)

First of all, the number one thing you can do, is PAY ATTENTION to the subtle comments she makes. If she casually tells you about an item she is undecided on purchasing, she will be floored when you REMEMBER and surprise her with it. Big brownie points for the hubby that is a good listener, thoughtful, and surprising.

(One problem I used to run into with this, is I would forget the great idea by the time the holiday rolled around. Luckily, there’s an app for that! It is called GIFTS LIST and it is password protected. You put in the persons name and the gift ideas, and you can even set a reminder to purchase the gift. )

Now, if you don’t have a running list of gift ideas for your sweet pea, ask yourself what your wife is “in to”. Cooking? Crafts? Sewing? Gardening? Party planning? Sports? Politics? Reading? Changing poopy diapers? Ok the last hobby was a joke, but it may be a reality for your wife. And she may need a nose plug.

Once you figure out what her hobbies are, next you can focus on gift items that fall under that topic. New measuring cups because your children absconded the old ones for their personal kitchen toy collection? (True story) Or maybe a paper cutter because she can not cut a straight line to save her life? (Also a true story. I use that thing ALL the time!) Be practical. Buy something she will actually use, not something she will feel guilt-ed into using whenever you are around. Or worse, return it.

If you need a few ideas to jump start your brain as you wonder, “what to buy for my wife” then check out the links below. You will surely find something to suit her fancy.